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Click on the 'JOIN NOW' button below to create an account.  Join either as a Preferred Customer [Monthly Autoship]Retail Customer [Buy Anytime], or as an Associate [Distributor].  Please note that you will proceed with the following steps.


1.  Welcome.  Please select: 'Country of Residence',  'Preferred Language', 'Account Type'.  'Will Call' selection is available in Utah.

2.  Account Type [Enroll].  Please select:  'New Associate', or  'Preferred Customer', or  'Retail Customer' [Select only ONE, based on your preference]

3.  First Order.  Place your first order. 

New Associate. Consider the following three items:  a)  Business Starter Kit,  b) Autoship,  c) Enrollment Pack.  If you do not wish to order at this time but still want to sign up, please press 'Next' to continue without ordering.  For multi orders with big savings, please select from Enrollment Packs to continue.

Preferred Customer.  Select a product, plus an Autoship Order (to be shipped 30 days from your enrollment day).  

Retail Customer.  Please select your desired, retail-priced products and proceed to enter your order information.

4.  Additional (New Associates Only).  In case you need additional products, enter your selections here.

5.  Autoship (New Associates & Preferred Customers Only).  Please select the autoship feature for your products, and your preferred monthly shipping date. 

6.  ABC (New Associates Only).  If you’re a New Associate, consider the optional ASEA Business Coach (ABC), it is FREE for 30 days! And available afterwards for $19.95 per month.

7.  Information.  The following items are required (must provide valid info, fraudulent account will be suspended):

Some personal information, your contact information, sponsorship (, your unique username and password to create a profile, your primary address, and your shipping address.  Acknowledge legal documents/return policy.
Personal website (New Associates only, please enter a name for your website)
Note:  Information is collected and maintained by the ASEA Corporate; do not collect your personal information. 
8.  Payment.  Enter your method of payment

9.  Sumbit Order.  Review and submit your order 

10.  Please check to make sure you receive a confirmation email and an Enrollment ID from the ASEA Corporate.




Your order will arrive in 3-7 business days, from the nearby ASEA distribution center in your area. 

Please check your email for order tracking information. For initial enrollment order, a 30-day money-back guarantee on used & unused products for all customers. Return Policy 


  • First Time Buy Customer or Join Business, please click on the 'JOIN NOW' button above, you will enter ASEA Corporate's secure website to get started (select Country of Residence, select Preferred Language, select Account Type); join to buy anytime at retail price, get autoship at wholesale price, or become a new Associate in the ASEA business.
  • Returning Customer Login with your User ID and Password to buy again.